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Dear Sir/Madam,
Some weeks ago a really not nice situation happened to me and my husband while using the SNCF train. Unfortunately, I could not find any online service where I can put my complain about the journey with SNCF and attach the documents to prove.
On 24/10/2019 at 9 am we have bought two tickets in PARIS Austerlitz train station to go to Versailles-Chateau. The wicket to enter the station was completely open (have a picture to prove), probably not functioning properly, so we did not use our tickets to enter the platforms. The employer of SNCF charged us a fine for not stamped tickets at 10:20 am in Versalies Chateau Rive Gauche station. She refused to listen to us, that we did not stamp the ticket for the reason of not knowing that we have to, while all the signs there were in french language. Moreover, she refused to check the bill that was printed from the ticket machine in Paris Austerlitz station, where the exact time when we bought our tickets is written, that is already a proof that we could not use the ticket before, and we were willing to give these tickets to her. It looked like the she did not want to cooperate or understand our position, so we needed to pay the fine. If the gates(wicket) in Paris Austerlitz would be not open, there will be no issue - our tickets would be stamped. She suggested us write to the SNCF customer support to complain about the situation.

Furthermore, after we payed the expensive penalty unfairly, we had our tickets with us and ,as SNCF employee told us, we tried to use these tickets on the way back, that did not work - one of the tickets was not accepted by the wicket in Versallies. There were no other employees to ask for help, so I had to buy an additional ticket.

I am waiting for your reply so I can provide more information/proofs of the situation described above.
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Svetlana B. Jeronimo

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