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Helen la demande R11779963


Dossier Voyage UWKDVM

After the train on which I was booked at the beginning of January this year 2020 was cancelled because of the rail strike, you issued me with a “bon d’achat” which I can use until 07/02/2021 and the value is 172.00 euros.
There is now, because of covid-19, additional problems which, certainly at this time, will prevent me from travelling within this timeline. I had planned to use the “bon d’achat” over the Christmas period to visit the family again this year.

1. Covid-19. I live in the Charente and I always travel Poitiers to Ebbsfleet return, as Ebbsfleet’s 15mins from my family there, via Lille or Paris, but as Eurostar are not now, until 2022 stopping at either of these stations I cannot travel by train as I’d have to go in to London and then take another train back to Kent.
2. Covid-19. I am 73 years pf age and ‘at risk’ as I have lung issues, plus my age puts me in the same category, so would be crazy to think of putting myself at risk by travelling on more public transport than is absolutely necessary. Not to mention hauling a suitcase around an extra crowded station!
3. Covid 19. Unless circumstances change dramatically, the restrictions in my region in France plus the quarantine in UK would prevent me travelling anyway !

I would very much appreciate a refund of the fare (172.00 euros) as being a widow, I do not want to lose this amount of money through no fault of my own, and I cannot see how I can use it again to travel to see my family, and no-one has any idea how long all the restrictions will be in place….may be for years!

Thank you very much
Helen Chisholm

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