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Can I get a refund for reservations?

To whom it may concern,

My cousin and I booked tickets a few days ago from Paris to Bordeaux then Bordeaux to Barcelona through SNCF. Due to recent events we weren't able to catch the first train and where then out of the country for the other. I have a eurail pass whilst hers is interail ... As we were stuck in Paris city we have not been able to contact anyone and wanted to get out the country as quickly as possible. I am just enquiring to see whether we can get refunds for the reservations we payed. We do not have receipts but I can send pictures of the tickets as well as our passes. If there is any more information you need please let me know. This has not only caused us great financial stress but also emotional so your help is greatly appreciated. We will be continuing our trip from Barcelona with eurail.

Thank you greatly
Wynona Millar


Hello Wynona,

I understand the circumstances you have lived.
You need to send all the elements you have plus your explanations to this adress :

Sevice Relation Client SNCF
62973 Arras Cedex 9

or send an email to this adress :

Best regards,

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