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Kim Yeonjin
Kim Yeonjin

Name changing in Booked ticket

I booked tgv tickets for paris to lyon in 7/19, but I have problem in name. I wrote my friend's wrong name(different with her passport name). Could I change her ticket name now?

Dear Sirs,

If your booking was an e-ticket (e-billet), we can't change the name on the reservation which means you have to cancel the booking and make a new one. But before doing that, please make sure that the booking you've made is refundable without any penalties.
If your booking is a ticket that you have to withdraw at the desk or at the self-use machine with your credit card, in that case, the name of the reservation does not matter.

Best regards.

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The name is not important on ordinary tickets to be printed at a station.

e_tickets must present real name. Being not changeable, they are to be canceled and new ones booked.

If you booked on, mail your question to :


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