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when will I get my refounded money in the credit card?

I bought a ticket from internet, and when I received the confirmation email It said that I should validate and print the ticket int the ticket office, but at the time I had my train (7.52 AM) the office was closed, so I had to buy another ticket. After in the SNCF office in Annecy I explained the situation and they agree on refounding the cost of the second ticket. They asked me for my credit card, they put my credit card in the paiment machine and they said I would get back my money inmediatly, or thats what I understood. But today I checked my account and theres no refounded money. I wonder if theres any problem or I just need to wait.



Hello ,

If you don't receive refund after one month, write to :

Service relation clientèle SNCF - 62973 Arras Cedex 9


Thanks for your help Michael. But... Really? One month?, I mean, in one month I'll be back in my country. I dont understand how can take that long time, when you use ur credit card to buy it takes just a few seconds. Thank you anyway. Bye.


Really, as a traveller, i don't understand why :

  • you could not withdraw your tickets from a self-service ticket machine.
  • you ask for refunding of used tickets

Wathever Customer service in Arras is the competent authority to answer your complaint.


It was a small station there were not self service ticket machine, not the yellow ones, just one that has 2 option buy ticket or rechange ur card. And i ask for refounding of used ticket... Yes, cause it was not my problem that the ticket office was closed. Anyway, thats is already done, they understood my problem, and they agreed on refunding, now my only concern is when I will get my money back. When they put my credit card on the machine I thought it would be immediately. So now i want to know if the fact i have get my money is cause a problem or is just the normal process.


The normal progress to refund a ticket not delivered takes some days, not some weeks.

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