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Szteinberg Daniel
Szteinberg Daniel

travel with my bike?

Thank you very much for your answer!
Just one last question: can I travel in ALL kind of trains (in the TGV for instance) with my dismantled bike in a bike bag?
Many thanks
Daniel Szteinberg


Yes, on any kind of train as long as the bag's size does not exceed 120 by 90 cm. On some selected tgv that are equiped with bike storage racks and most regional trains (ter), you can even travel without dismantling your bikes (e.g. some tgv on the Paris-Bordeaux route). You will need a reservation for the bike (10€) on a tgv, and it's free of charge on regional trains, but subjected to available space.

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Hi Daniel,

To keep the discussion clear to all, you can use the "répondre à cette question" (reply to this question) blue button instead of creating a "new question".

Yes, you can travel in all kind of trains with your dismantled bike, that has to be placed in a bike bag.

Szteinberg Daniel
Szteinberg Daniel

Merci beaucoup!!!