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requesting a refund for unused seat reservation due to SNCF train delay causing missed connection

we purchased seat reservation for 9 adults for travel October 15, 2019 on train EC 113 coach 259 from Stuttgart HBF to Salzburg HBF (seat #101-108, 115, PNR RBFAXK) ticket #131861243 but the train we took from Strasbourg to Stuttgart on the same date ICE 9571 coach 24 (seat reservation tickets #131861234 to 131861242, PNR RBFAAU) was significantly delayed resulting in us missing the train from Stuttgart to Salzburg and therefore we did not use the seat reservations that we bought for $117 (for 9 adults). We had to take several train to get to Salzburg (using our Eurail global pass without seat reservations). this caused a significant inconvenience as we could not find any seats on the alternative train we had to take plus the additional connection in Munich resulting in significant delay in our travel plans when arriving in Salzburg. I am requesting a full refund of 117 US dollars for these unused 9 seat reservations that we paid for from Stuttgart to Salzburg. Please contact me at 703-585-9021 (USA) or at email for further information/details about this incident. thank you for your help.
Mr. Vinh Mai

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