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Susan Uzzan
Susan Uzzan

Beware of SNCF Scams through SNCF services

I am writing in English so that the international community can be warned as well.

In March of 2019 my young two children and I were approched by a conductor at Gare de Lyon. I was not looking for help, but he asked to see my tickets then told us to go directly on our train. I followed his direction and one hour later his colleague approached us on the train and said we need to pay for not validating our ticket at the station! He had actually seen the other conducteur approach us and neither of the conducteurs advised us to validate our tickets before boarding the train - which we would have done given that we were 30 minutes early.

I sent an email to SNCF within a week and received a message four months later to notify me that I needed to contact Transilien with my situation, which I did. I called Transilien and was told that SNCF is responsible... SO, I spent four hours of my vacation day, today, with SNCF to find out in the end that I need to re-submit my request for réclatmation via the website. I tried that and am now told that it is too late to submit a request.

This is a joke and unfair. I have been continuously misled by SNCF and as a result have paid a clearly unjust fine.

I am looking only to be reimbursed or given an bon achat to have faith again in the French train system. Does SNCF want to provide customer service? Or does it want to rip off as many customers as possible to fill some sort of a déficit?

I will consider that SNCF is stealing from their customers until I receive just payment for the scam that my children and I suffered.

Thank you for your attention.

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