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Prahlad Iyengar
Prahlad Iyengar

Fine on Eurail Pass

I am writing to you to submit a claim against a fine I was forced to pay on a train from Barcelona to Paris on Sunday 21.07.19. I had reserved tickets with my Eurail pass (15 days of travel over two months) and gave my pass to the ticket collector to check. This was my seventh day of travel. The ticket collector charged me for two counts: using a pencil on the first day of travel (almost two months ago, 30.05.19) and for "changing" the dates on the pass. I have pictures of the pass to demonstrate that this is not the case. I was not informed that I had to write in pen until my third trip, after which I used pen exclusively. I also offered to fix the pencil with pen, but the ticket collectors for that earlier trip did not find any issues because I wrote the date in front of them. The places where I was accused of "changing" the dates were written in pen and were stamped on the day with the date of the travel, proving that I could not have changed the date because it was stamped. The "changing" of the date was due to the fact that I wrote the wrong date down, and fixed it by writing over it (i.e. fixed a 29 to 28 for example). This should not constitute changing the date, and furthermore I still had 8 days remaining on the pass, which expires this week anyway, so there would be no point in "cheating" the system since I had so many travel dates remaining. I was charged for the "infraction" AND for the ticket from Barcelona to Paris even though I already had bought a ticket to reserve my spot on the train. My Eurail was confiscated with half of its value unused. I would like to be refunded for the entire ordeal - I have the receipt to prove the charges and pictures of the Eurail pass to prove that it was stamped on the days I traveled. The ticket collectors checked my days of travel against my travel log and found no issues, and they assured me that I will be able to receive a full refund for this charge of 325 Euros, and perhaps also a refund for the remaining days of the Eurail that are now confiscated. Please let me know what steps I should take to make this claim and receive my refund.

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