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Emanuele Rava
Emanuele Rava

TGV Turin Paris 09-07-2019

Good evening,
excuse me if I write in english but my french is not so good.
I booked two tickets for TGV 9244 Turin-Paris for 9/07/2019.
I heard about problems on Maurienne ligne that will affect circulation from Italy to France. I would like to know if there is some kind of solution to arrive in Paris that day (e.g bus from Turin to Chambery and a TGV from Chambery to Paris, as a friend of mine did today). I know there are some days before 9/07 and I surely will look at official site in the next days but I'd like to organize myself in advance because I booked a short vacation to Paris and this could be a great problem for me.
Thank you so much
Emanuele Rava

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