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Carte De Reduction Enfant+ photo adhesive

Bonjour! I am in the UK. I have purchased a Carte Reduction Enfant+ (my son is 10 years old) so my family can travel by train from Paris to Menton in August. It has arrived today. I see I must affix a photo to it with the 'adhésif transparent SNCF' - or 'joint à votre carte carte en cas d'envoi à domicile' - does this mean I can affix a photo here and I don't need the SNCF adhesive? Merci beaucoup.


Dear Christopher,

Thank you for your question.

Indeed, the SNCF usually provides you with a little piece of tape to stick the photo on the card. However, feel free to use regular tape to do so. What really matters is that the photo is not too large so that it does not hide the information located around.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to reply to this message for any further questions.

Best regards.


Merci beaucoup! Can I get the official tape at St Pancras in London? Is there an SNCF desk there?

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