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Javier Arce
Javier Arce

We have lost +$374,9 because of train and lack of communication- Where do we send our complaint???

On September 8th 2018, me and four passengers should have traveled from Barcelona to Aix-en-Provence, with final destination to Nice, with our valid, first class tickets. We have been looking for an email address to send our complain directly, but it has not been possible. Where can we send it?? Please read below a summary of our case. Contact us at to speak further.

However, the train Barcelona-Aix-en-Provence was delayed two hours, causing us to lose the connection to Nice. We were repeatedly told that we should sleep in Aix-En-Provence, but that they did not know if there would be a hotel, since the Accueil office in Aix-en-Prov would be closed, and that they could not guarantee us anything.

For this reason, and not receiving information from the crew of the train at any time, we decided not to run the risk of running out of an emergency accommodation in Aix-en-Provence, so we booked two rooms at the Best Western L 'Arboire. In our travel group we have a person with reduced mobility who could not have climbed stairs, or remain standing or sitting on benches for too long, etc. So we decided to invest in this option - very much in spite of the fact that we were already losing the investment of the accommodation in Nice for that night.

However, just over half an hour before we arrived in Aix-En-Provence, it was announced on the loudspeaker that those of us who were going to Nice had to go to Marseille to take the train in the morning to Nice. A gentleman approached us and told us it was our only option, and that if we stayed in Aix-En-Provence we would have to pay ANOTHER TICKET to Marseille in the morning because otherwise they could not validate our tickets to Nice. He indicated that they would give us a hotel in Marseille and the ticket to Nice in the morning.

We tried to cancel the rooms at Best Western, but obviously with so little time we were not allowed. So in addition to the $143.76 that we lost from the accommodation in Nice, we added $ 198.36 from Best Western. That´s TWO ACCOMMODATIONS extra to the trip that we did not use, due to the delay and lack of communication and information of the train service, generating a loss of $ 342.12.

As if this were not enough, when we arrived in Marseille we were told that we had to sleep in Orfea. Upon entering, the man at the reception desk told us that Orfea was not a hotel, but the place where train employees and officials slept. In fact, when going up to the rooms, we found the quality of rooms quite lacking, which is UNACCEPTABLE counting the fact that that night we paid $ 342.12 in accommodations that we could not use !!! The accommodation was NOT a hotel, and if it were, it would be a 2-star hostel ... Needless to say, it left a lot to be desired and we did not spend a cozy night in that place.

The next day, the train that we were offered to go to Nice was a local train that did not have the first class service we paid. For this, we add the cost of the first class Aix-En-Provence-Nice ticket that we did not use ($ 92.8).

The damage caused, namely losses in accommodation and first class train tickets, I can evaluate at $ 434.92, that is € 375.

I hereby request compensation for the damage suffered as a result of train delay.

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