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Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan

Refund for travelers from New Zealand issued by Locco2

We are unable to complete the refund form for our travel as the form will not accept our New Zealand bank account number and Locco2 say they are unable to help us though they issued the tickets to us. Reference number for 29 July travel is RJHAGN and for 2 August is RJMCFN. Both journeys had cancelled services.




Sncf will definately process your request if you are claiming for a delayed train.
The form should have a field where you can attach documents if Iban doesn't fit in.

They will not, however, refund a ticket you never paid to them in the first place.
Indeed the only options they have when dealing with a ticket issued by a travel agency are an exchange or a cancellation & seat release.

Obviously what the TA charged you, minus their commission, goes to the carrier. But they refund their customers, then make a group claim to sncf.

To give an you idea of the process for tickets bought direct sncf (desk & web),
sncf currently refunds any unused ticket they sold for travel to and from Paris Montparnasse between July 27th and August 5th. The refunds are possible at any ticket office until August 31st 23.59. I assumed TAs had similar guidelines.

Browsing through the agent's T&Cs I see they might fuss about issues such as :
1- a claim deadline of 28 days after travel date,
2- not cancelling your tickets prior to departure time at sncf desk (*)
3- stamping the ticket in the station yellow validators as if you actually boarded

1- keep proof you claimed soon enough (e-mail rather than than a phone call)
2- issue is arguable, as cancelling it was not required for refunds made directly by sncf for this particular incident.
3- tickets for there dates were exceptionnaly valid on any other train running on the same route, so even if yours was cancelled, date stamping could lead to think you actually boarded another train.

Unless you have e-tickets ('e-billets'), a refund involves sending them back to the agency. Do so only if asked, keep a copy, use a trackable delivery sytem.

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