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Train cancelled but SNCF homepage claim says 36 minutes delay


our train 9558 on 19.07.2018 was supposed to leave from SARREBRUCK to PARIS EST at 8:00 but the train was cancelled. We had to wait for the next train which was supposed to leave from SARREBRUCK at 11:00 and then actually left at 11:08. We had to wait for 3 hours and 8 minutes.

Additionally we were not able to receive any seats on the train at 11:08. We were told that the train was closed for seat reservations. We had to walk through the train to find free seats on our own. My son had to sit together with his father on one seat!
That is not acceptable for a close to 500 Euro price for our tickets!!

I tried to post a G30 reimbursement claim on the SNCF website. I entered my reservation code and my name. The train 9558 appeared. But the information in red said the train was 36 minuttes delayed. That is not correct. The train was cancelled. There was no train from Sarrebruck to Paris est.

How do I send a request for reimbursement if the information on the SNCF site is incorrect?

Please help me with this case.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Bettina Felten-Fosse



Put in your surname on top and your booking reference (of only letters between A-Z) on the lower box. It may be too late, though.

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