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Train delay- confirmation request

Hi, I have a request for a document stating that my train was delayed that I can give to my insurance company in order to make a claim.

On Wednesday June 20th, I boarded the RER B line train at Gare du Nord Paris station at approximately 7:15pm and was heading for Charles de Galle airport.

About five minutes after boarding the train, it stopped on the tracks and was delayed by 20 minutes. This happened several times. The train continued to stop and start at different stations and different points on the track.

The train was delayed for almost two hours, causing me to miss the 9:40pm check in time for my flight to Sydney. I had to pay 481 Euro to change my flight.

In order for me to claim this travel expense on insurance I need a written statement from SNCF stating that this train was delayed on this day and why. Thank you

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