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Refund For Late Train Service Causing Missed Flight At CDG

Hi, I arrived at 13:00 for any train to go to cdg for a 18:00 flight. 14:00 train
not available but 15:52 was but only first class ticket so I purchased anyway.
Had there not been any seats or if I was told the train was not coming I would have
found another transportation to the CDG Airport.

I knew about strike and would have taken taxi but was told train would arrive.
I trusted SNCF information and booked. Waited 3 hours in terminal. When train did not arrive I saw
on the monitors that there was a delay and confirmed with SNCF officials that there
was only to be a 30 minute delay, then another delay again. I should have known at
that point to just leave and find a different means of travel. If I was told it was not arriving I
would have then requested a refund and taken taxi but was told by SNCF office manager
in terminal it was arriving at 16:30. Finally came at 1710 but that was too late for me to
catch my flight. Had to purchase another same day ticket for 500€.

I am from Florida, USA and was in UK and was told that going to Disneyland Paris would be nice
and easy but turned out to be really bad and expensive experience.

I don’t know if anything can be done but I thought I would send this information to you.

John Bradford

Ticket in question: 2018061742003889


K Pierre
K Pierre