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How to get a full refund after a cancellation due to the strikes (ticket involves multiple trains)

I have cancelled a reservation from due to the strikes.
The ticket involves 3 trains:

Antwerp - Paris (Thalys 8 june),
Paris - Toulouse (night traing Intercite 8 june);
Toulouse - Barcelona (RENFE SNCE, 9 june)

The total ticket price (for 2 personens) is 364 euro, and when I wanted to cancel it mentions that 138 euro will NOT be refunded.
Before cancellation the customer service mentioned this was due to technical problems and I had to try it later. If it did not work they advised me to cancel anyway and post a claim.
That is why i waited untill yesterday (6 june 2018) for cancellation. The problem remained the same, but I cancelled to be sure. So here is my claim. Can someone tell me what to do in orde to get a full refund?

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