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Ahmed Saad
Ahmed Saad

A Refund of my hotel stay due to a delay in the train

I booked two tickets from Paris to Barcelona and then the train stopped in montpellier as there was in strike and it couldn’t complete further than this until the next day. That had caused me to book one day for me and my wife in a hotel in montpellier and a one day delay for our trip and plans in barcelona, which is not acceptable by all means. So, please i’m asking for a refund for my stay in the hotel. Also, non of your repraentatives informed us that the train will not go to barcelona and will stop in montpillier beacuse of the strike which is not accaptable at all from your reputable company.Our Train number was 9715 the departure date was on the 9th of April 2018 and we booked it on the 24th of Feb 2018, Coach 15 seats 25 & 26 and i guess this is the refernce number M4N4G9/951002588767. Appreciate your prompt feeding regarding this request.
I have the hotel bill in Montpellier it is for 98.34 $ us dollar.
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O'Neill Sean
O'Neill Sean

I have the a similar complaint. I find lots of things telling me how easy it is to email them but no email addresses. They don't recognize my booking information because the train was cancelled. Not impressed with their lack of customer service. I did get a refund for the tickets but no confirmation or explanation which I need for my travel insurance.