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ticket reservation problem

I am writing this question. because there is a problem related to my reservation.

  • My Ticket and User Information is as follows
  • 1.Ticket reservation : Reference :UZWIPA, Surname : KIM
    Paris-Geneva (15 May at 9:17 - 21 May at 13:38)
    2.User Info : Korea)

    The Problem is As follows:
    I paid for ticket as below in my App.
    Credit card approval time above ticket is 2018.03.17 21:47(Korean time) and also french time is 2018.03.17 13:47 by time difference.
    After the approval, I checked the e-ticket in my app and I confirmed that the approval was normal.
    But, I checked today and found out that ticket had been canceled even though I didn't cancel ticket. and also I did not received any e-mails about approval and cancellation.

    So, I checked homepage and credit card homepage and found that my credit card approval time is as same as the cancellation time (2018.03.17 13:47(France time), 2018.03.17 21:47(Korean time) ). Due to time difference korea and france is 8 hours. So, approval time & cancellation time is same.
    It is believed that there was a problem when it was approved by my app.

    Please Let me know how to solve this problem.
    I want to get the Ticket again, which was my first reservation before it was canceled.