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refunding of my payment for an airplane ticket

Bonjour, hope you take this e-mail into consideration.

I had a reserved a TGV train from poitiers to paris montparnasse 1 et 2 on Wednesday 7th of febrauary 2018. My name related to the ticket is SAMMOURY Hussein. The train number was 8388, and was taking off at 21h15. The next day at morning, I had a flight from CDG airport (paris) to lebanon, on the Middle East Airlines. The airplane journey was taking off on the 8th of february 2018, at 09h00 (Booking reference VNIGU6, Ticket number: 076 2403364347 my name: SAMMOURY Hussein), that costed me 128.56 euros.

However, due to the climate conditions, you have sent me 2 emails concerning possible perturbation of the concerned train (8388). As a result, I was checking the OUI.SNCF application and they marked that there was only a 20 minutes of delay for the train, knowing that a day before they sent me a confirmation message on my phone to ensure that the journey is still on time and there is no any problem. The third and last email was sent by OUI.SNCF at 13h50, that said that the train will no more circulate, but because I was very busy preparing my stuff for the travel I could not follow up my emails and I did not know that it was cancelled, especially after I have seen on the application that there was only a delay of 20 minutes.

As if the train was only on delay for 20 minutes, I was in the train station of poitiers before the take off of the train, but surprisingly the train was cancelled. However, there was no any possible type of transport to take after to paris so that I can take my morning flight to lebanon, neither by blabla car, nor by any bus company. And my flight was gone and I could not reach it.

I talked to the information service that night and they said that we could not do anything for you Mr !! I told them it is not my fault that i did not see the email, and why you had sent me a confirmation message the day before and this day you did not send a phone message to say that it is cancelled ? Why this contradiction ? They said that we can't reach all our clients by phone messaging !!

I called the MEA airlines the next day and they said that it is not their fault also and they would not refund anything.

I reserved another flight on Transavia airlines (booking reference: G7T83Z, my name: SAMMOURY Hussein), that took off at 06h25 on the 9th of february 2018, and taht costed me 179.00 euros !! I have taken another TGV line (8344) to paris montparnasse (for free, as an exchanged one for the cancelled ticket), on the 8th of february 2018 (dossier: TCZHJF, my name: SAMMOURY Hussein), that took off at 17h15.

I hope you take this email into consideration and try to refund me the first flight ticket (that was on the Middle east airlines) on the following bank account:

RIB: 30004 01276 00001134752 79 BNPPARB POITIERS UNIVERS (01276)

IBAN: FR76 3000 4012 7600 0011 3475 279


Bank Client: Mr SAMMOURY Hussein

Sincerely, Hussein.

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