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Good evening, my name is Paulo Carvalho. I made a purchase of 4 tickets from Paris to Remiremont online with my virtual credit car on December 29th 2017. Today (January 22nd 2018) when I went to the station they said I had to buy my tickets all over again at the price of 394.80 euros because I made a mistake by buying it with a virtual card, so I did because otherwise I would miss my train. The woman at the Gare d’Est SNCF told me that if I placed a reclamation on the website I could get my full refund for the time I bought the tickets online (for the same price that I had to pay again today of 394.80 euros). She also told me that I would find a place at to register my refund order and gave me a QR code to do so, but I couldn’t find that place which is why I’m posting this at the forum (my profile picture is the code). If you could help me with this problem I would be really grateful, thank you.
My email is: