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Fabienne Mueller
Fabienne Mueller

Aucun voyageur avec le nom XYZ présent sur le dossier de voyage.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I've so many problems with the G30 Form. I thought it would be easy...
First of all the travel was very stressful because of a unexpected track damage in August. We had more than 2 hours delay in both ways. I wrote to the Deutsche Bahn (German Train), because the damage was in Germany. They wrote that they sent my request to your office in France because I booked the tickets on your German website.

I got an letter from you, that you will give some money back, but this amount was to less (I think the Deutsche Bahn (German Train) didn't sent you all the information).

I wrote an E-Mail to your customer service and they told me, that I've to write an letter to your office or to fill out the online from (only in French). I live in Germany - so an letter is very awkward...

So I tried to fill out the online form and got at the second step this error:
Aucun voyageur avec le nom XX présent sur le dossier de voyage.

Why is it so difficult to code this form right?! A lot of other peoples have the same problem. I only want a compensation for the uncomfortable travel...

I'll fill out the printing form, but PLEASE give me an e-mail address where I can send the scan of the form and my tickets. Or please work on the online form.

My booking ref is: SEHBDP
I travel with my friend.
The price for both persons and both ways was more than 200 €
We had more than 2 hours delay in both ways. (we needed more than 6 hours from Karlsruhe HBF to Paris EST, expected less than 3 hours).

Please don't say "I'm not responsible - please write an letter"!

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