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Mohammed Mohiuddin
Mohammed Mohiuddin

SNCF Refund Ticket

Hi SNCF Team,
I was recently in Monaco and could not use the train ticket (10:10 PM from Monaco to NiceVille) that I purchased due to Train Strike. Date: 19/10/2017 2 Adult tickets Aller Simple Prix 7.80 Euro : Depart : Monaco Monte Carlo Arrivee: Nice Ville Tarif Normal. I tried to discuss about it in the morning on 20/10/2017 around 8:00 AM but the SNCF office was closed at that time. How can I get a refund for this since I am back in Canada now? I have the copies of the receipt and I can send it to you by email if you would like. Receipt Details: Monaco Monte Ca Le 19/10/2017 a 21h 49m37. ug 756403 r 071 s5731 n071078 011848 002977159 90A4C134B9C0CBD2 Montant Estimee: 7.80Eur Montant Reel: 7.80 Euro. On the back of the receipt I have this number 08702564231176. How can I get my refund? Thanks for your time.

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