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Taxi driver cheating scam at the official accredited taxi queue

I arrived at Gare du Nord from London on Eurostar on 2 Nov midday and went to the official accredited taxi queue (exactly as directed by the many warning signs in the station - "Do NOT take unofficial taxis" ).

After queuing for 30 minutes my turn came to get a taxi and the dispatcher assigned me to one particular taxi .

Immediately after driving away the taxi driver logged up EUR 35.00 on the meter ( !) I assumed it was a special minimum fare for Gare du Nord because I knew the journey to my hotel at Place Pigalle was only 3 - 4 km (about EUR 10 -15 maximum) .

When I got to my hotel I asked the hotel manager for advice before I paid the taxi driver. The taxi driver said I had PRE-agreed EUR 35 at the start of the journey, which of course was not true. After a long argument I finally paid EUR 15 but the taxi driver refused to give me a receipt.

Later, the hotel manger told me there is a big scam between the dispatchers at Gare du Nord and certain taxi drivers - the dispatchers look out for foreign passengers (I am Chinese) and then direct them to cheating taxis to scam them and they share the profits

Please take action to STOP this scam - it leaves a very nasty impression that all Paris taxi drivers cheat !

(I did report this case to the Enquiries booth at Gare du Nord when I left Paris yesterday afternoon, 4 Nov, but the manager of the Enquiries booth was not really interested and told me to go to the police office at Gare du Nord. )

Obviously you have some VERY dishonest staff at the official taxi queue - both the dispatchers ans the security staff !

Very sad because it leaves a false impression that all French people are dishonest :-(

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