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Discount for the disabled.

Could you please tell me if your railway offers discounts for wheelchair users and their companion?
Many thanks.



I can't find much info in English but the following link will give you an idea of what's available.

If your disability rate is 80% or over, and quoted on your card, your companion can get a 50% discount on the full fare. If it says on your card that you must be accompanied, he / she will only pay the seat reservation (ca. a couple of €, probably slitghly more if peak time train).

The discount does not apply to the disabled person. But if you travel with a wheelchair on most tgv's your will both have a free uprgrade in 1st class because that is where the wheelchair space is located - they are in limited numbers, so try and book in advance.

If you have any doubt about the kind of discount your disability card can give your companion, I would suggest you enquire in a travel agency licensed to sell rail / sncf tickets, they have access to the relevant documentation and wil be able to help and sell you the right ticket.

Best regards,