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Train was cancelled

Bonjour, I received an email saying that my train has been canceled. What is the proper way to exchange the ticket for a similar date/time if I am in the UK?


Bonjour !

It all on the type of ticket and the mode of purchase, so could you please tell us :

  • where / how did you buy and collect the ticket ?
  • is it an e-ticket (does it state 'e-billet' on it) ?

It's not as if you'd changed your mind and prefered to take another train, there has been a cancellation. If I were you I'd write an e-mail to Trainline. If their custommer service is good, they should accept, in this case, to exchange your ticket even though it's a non-flex rate.

The ticket on the new train is likely to be more expensive, as it's booked closer to the departure date and you had a non-flex rate, which are usually good bargains.

Idealy Trainline should NOT make you pay the extra charge and make a claim themselves to Sncf to get the difference back. It is likekly they'll tell you it's not their fault and will ask you for the full price difference. Although there are ways for you of making a claim to Sncf later on, Trainline is your main contact and they should do their job all the way : selling tickets AND ensuring proper after sale customer service. And if they don't please let us know.


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