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Mil Liu
Mil Liu

Toilets at Strasbourg railway station

Last week, August 10, 2017, we came by train from Germany to Strasbourg at 22:35 an we wanted to use the toilets at the station. When we found the toilets, there was a cleaning lady who told us that the toilets were already closed. When I asked her where the passengers could use the toilets she just pointed outside.
After a few days we continued our journey, came to the railway station again and noticed the sign which said the toilets were open until 23:00, which puzzled us even more...
1) Why the employee did not let us use the toilets even though they were supposed to be open till 23?
2) More importantly: why do the toilets have limited opening hours? You have trains coming from all over Europe after 23:00, what are their passengers supposed to do? Strasbourg is the "capital of Europe", yet people are deprived of such basic needs? Are the tourists supposed to roam around the city in search of toilets? I am sorry, but this is just wild, and I have not seen this in ANY central European city before.
Please do not take it as a complaint, but rather as a chance to improve the situation and make it up-to-date with the image of the beautiful city of Strasbourg. Thank you

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