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Shuyan Qu
Shuyan Qu

How can I get refund for a double-paid ticket on the train?

I bought 4 tickets on sncf website from Paris Gare de Lyon to Interlaken for 285 EUR leaving on June 29, 2017. The reference no. was RGXTXX. But I couldn't print out the ticket in the machines at the station before my travel because my credit card was a swipe card not a chip card.

After I got on the train without printing out the ticket I showed the ticket confirmation email on my iphone sent by <> to the staff checking the ticket, but he insisted me to pay for another 4 tickets for another 660 EUR on the train. He gave me receipt and told me I can get refund for the tickets paid on train.

After I arrived back to Paris, I went to the ticket office and the staff told me to make a claim here. He helped me to print out the proof of my original tickets and asked me to give my credit card information to you here to get the refund. (Recu Client nA137817378, Agent ST131)

If the materials are needed, please let me know to whom and which email address I can send to. I've got the original ticket, the receipt of double-paid tickets, and I can provide my passport photo and credit card information.

Thank you

Shuyan Qu


did you sort this out? i am having the same problem (but I couldn't print out the ticket because the train departed already i was late from another train connection). francesca

John Michie
John Michie

Seems likem SNCF does not give refunds.

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