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perturbations d'autotrain

I made a reservation for the autotrain for May 6th Narbonne-Paris Bercy (dossier RYPHOK). Last week a 'SNCF-employee' called me to say the train would have several days of delay due to rail works, which we cannot wait for due to school and work obligations. He told me that both autotrain-ticket and TGV-tickets (dossier numbers: RXSSEW/RXSSZF/RXSSDE) for the family would be refunded.
However, I did not receive a confirmation of the rail works, the delay and the refund options by email (no email at all, as we agreed upon on the telephone).
At, I am only redirected to 'the carrier', which is odd as I booked the tickets at that site. The telephone operators are busy all day, cannot get through...). I hope you can help me out.

  • If the autotrain is not delayed (One can still book that autotrain online, no mention at all about delays) we wish to keep the tickets...
  • If the autotrain is delayed I would like to cancel all tickets with complete refund.
  • If I cancel the TGV tickets, E 50,- will not be refunded...
  • I am not able to cancel the autotrain, because my dossier and name are not recognized; is it already cancelled by the employee? will there be any refund?

I hope you can help me with this, kind regards,

Jolt Roukema

Dear Jolt,

We apologize for this inconvenience. We will fully refund the train tickets and the car.

Your have to send your train tickets at the following address : SNCF Service Clients Auto/Train – 62973 ARRAS Cedex 9.

Best regards,

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