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How to cash my vouchers?

Last year (2016) I booked a CARtrain ticket from Paris to Toulon for 2 motors (antique Vespa's) and 2 passenger tickets. Due to a STRIKE in France, the journey was CANCELLED. I received the payment for the CARtrain paid back in cash (at a trainstation in France). Very good! The passenger tickets however were paid back as vouchers (+ 20% value as a compensation for the inconvenience).
NOW I want to make a new booking Paris to Biarritz (may 2017), but CANNOT USE THE VOUCHERS for this trip in an online booking! What kind of a service is this?! I allready made a phonecall to customer service, but so was their answer.
@ the responsible(s) of the SNCF : Is there any other way to cash these vouchers?
Customer service told me to buy the tickets in Gare Montparnasse after the delivery of the motors in Gare de Bercy. In thát case the vouchers can be used. I think that's a bit risky, because there is very little time between delivery of the motors and the train's departure; and who ensures that there are still places? Someone who can help?

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