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TGV ticket refund

Hello SNCF,
we booked two TGV tickets for early June this year (2016). Unfortunately there was a strike and both of the trains got cancelled which led us to ultimately cancel our whole trip to France because we would not have been able to reach our destination.
In late June we tried to get a refund. First we tried to contact you using the online form several times. Never got a response. Then we tried by telephone: After giving him the ticket details the agent said he had registered our case and we would get our money back in 90 days. Nothing happened.
In early October I called again to check if something had gone wrong. The agent said our case was not registered and it is not possible to do that by phone. We would have to write a letter with a form and the printed tickets. I did that. It said on the form it could take up to 90 days (again!!!). Two months later I received a voucher over 30 Euros. As far as I can tell (I don’t speak french) the attached letter (in french) does not even mention my request or why it got denied or anything. What kind of communication is this? The original price of the ticket was 260€. I don’t want a 30€ voucher. I want the money back, all of it. I assume you know that you are legally obligated to refund the money because you deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis.
Just as a side note: You customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.
I suppose my reference number is: 10598648


michael P.
michael P.


I suppose you wrote and sended your claim to Service Clientèle SNCF - 62973 Arras cedex 9

A Mediation service is available since you don't agree the answer you received.
Use this link :