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Refund train tickets strike 31st of March 2016


After telephonic contact with SNCF and voyages-sncf, I had been told to email at contacts-direct. So I did on the 28th of November, but I still did not receive any answer.
Hopefully you can help me out. It is about the refund of my train tickets of the strike of the 31st of March 2016.

I have been emailing for over more than 6 months with voyages-sncf, only now, in the beginning of November I have been told I had to contact SNCF via telephone,
which I did today, and I have been told I could email to the email address (contacts-direct), but unfortunately it did not work. So hopefully, finally, I get an update about my file and to (hopefully) finally get my refund.

Where to start,

I had train tickets to Geneva for the 31st of March, with reservation SGUGRN. I paid 322,5 euro.
Due to the strike, we did not to take the risk to travel to Geneva, especially because all communication stated that you could get a refund.

I received via voyages-sncf a statement that I could not travel due to the strike, which I used to get my refund via my travel insurance, but they did not cover a strike (I have all emailcontact and proof, which I can send if necessary).

When contacting voyages-sncf, the Belgian customer service of voyages-sncf told me that I needed to send my train tickets to the office of voyages-sncf, at Barcelona, which I did , using registered mailing on the 7th of April (I have my receipt of the registered mailing).
The 15th my registered mail with the train tickets arrived (i have proof of arrival)
The 19th of April I double checked to be sure, and I had been told that everything was ok, I just needed to be patient.
On the 15th of May I emailed again to get an update about my file, and then I heard that they could not find my file and asked me some more proof of the registered mail, which I sent them, and after this I did not get any information.
This conversation took place under reference <Ref39425>, email address:>,
I have a pdf of the complete conversation, and my attempts to get any update (it is in Dutch unfortunately, but this way you can see the effort I've put into it).

Because this conversation ended one-way, I tried again via the contact form online of voyages-sncf on the 19th of May. A new conversation started under reference Ref61102, email address:>, (which I also have in pdf)

In this conversation a friendly colleague of voyages-sncf, said that she was looking into it, that indeed they lost the tickets at voyages-sncf, that she discussed it with claims this afternoon, that she is trying to get an update via her manager,... So, again, she was a friendly and helpful colleague, but after 10 mails, and when I asked again for an update after she stated that it would be discussed by the claims department, I received an answer of another colleague the 8th of November that they could not help me, because the claim was with SNCF. And that I should call SNCF.
After some extra questions (because I found it strange that out of the blue I had to call you, after 6 months of mailing back and forth with voyages-sncf), I called, on the 28th of November.
And after 30 minutes of calling abroad, of being redirected to different people, different departments, different phone numbers,
I received the email address of contacts-direct, and have been told that you should be able to help me out. But unfortunatly this did not work.

And hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, you can help me out, get me an update about my file and finally get my 322,4 euros back.
te m
If you need any more information (pictures of our train tickets, the letter that accompanied the train tickets,...), please , do not hesitate to contact me

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards





I need to send an envelope with the copy of some train tickets for my boss, the train had about 2 hours delay and he wants to have some money back...
Could you, please, give me the correct address in order to send this envelope? Or maybe an email address?
I completed the G30 Formulaire and made copy from the train tickets.
The Tickets were: Geneve - Torino.
Thank you very much for your quick reply,
Luiza Popescu