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Yu-Ting Lin
Yu-Ting Lin

Wanna get my refund!

Hi,as the title I would like to make refund...the story is like that:I bought 2 on line ticket from Paris to St Michel(round tickets).But on my flight to Paris17nov,I lost my credit card.It said I have to get my tickets with that credit card on SNCF counter...I asked help to the staff in SNSF,he said I could buy new one and refund the old one,so I bought new one and tried to write refund report but cannot find my old tickets file with my reference number!Please help me to find it!I went back to ask for the staff in SNCF,he also said it's weird and told me to try again.....but it didn't exist even with I tried so many times...(but my credit card bank said the deal is done on 15nov.)
Transaction day:15nov
Day for the ticket:28nov
Reference number:RPDSNL
Transaction no:538098(SNCF)
Merchant Identifier:SNCF055204944722274
Date of the transaction:15/11/2016

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