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What happened to the refund?

Are you kidding me now?
Why do not you give me a refund?
Please refund as soon as the month is over!!
You sent me a voucher picture too!

Hello Taehoon,

As you lost your credit card you were not able to get the ticket bought on the web (reference TOCLNG) You bought a second and new ticket to travel.

To be able to get a refund, you need to join the scan or photograph of the new ticket or at least the refence of it. You have not answered when asked to do so. As long as the customer service has not that information, you won't get a refund.

The details of how to do are below in the previous exchanges.


Hello Taehoon,

If you have made 3 claims on the SNCF Website. The files are 10624355, 10624117 and 10624026.
You have received a mail from the Customer Relation Service telling you that your file would be treated as soon as possible.
The mail tells you that a huge amount of claims occurs a delay in the treatment of claims.
That will be answered as soon as possble.
Would you have any queries concerning your claim, you need to answer in the mail you received from that service.
We do not treat claims on this site, we are a public chat forum.

Best regards

Hello Taehoon,

Your file number on the SNCF customer relation service is 10624026. You need to send the scan or photograph of your ticket /voucher as a response in the original mail sent to you the 7th of november at 14:16:32.
Do not change the adress otherwise they cannot see your ticket.

Thank you.

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