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Sergio Daniel
Sergio Daniel

Demande de compensation - Garantie punctualite

Dear SNCF,
my train from Lausanne to Paris on Friday 4th of november arrived to Gare de Lyon more than 4 hours later than scheduled.
We were two passengers, I bought both tickets.
I am trying to request compensation online since 9 AM today and so far it has been impossible.
I have tried calling, and there is no language option, only french.
The form online is asking me for a dossier number that I can't find. The only reference number I have is the online reservation "Référence de dossier : QTMOVU"
Every time I put this reference it says it is not correct...
Please, would you help me sove this issue?
This is the information related to the ticket purchase:
Vous avez effectué une commande sur notre site le Samedi 29 Octobre à12h02
LAUSANNE PARIS 2 passagers 356.00€
Aller le : Vendredi 04 Novembre à12h23
Retour le : Dimanche 06 Novembre à17h57
Référence de dossier : QTMOVU

Many thanks for your help and kind attention.

Hello Sergio,

If the site does not take your claim. You can claim via that adress which is the sncf customer relation service :

Or you can have the same in english at that adress :

(You can translate the website in english for more help, at the top right of the site. Then go to Customer relations / our commitments / After sales service / Claims / via internet / TGV Intercites : click here / at the bottom of the page you fill your name and reference dossier voyage.)

You just need to give your six letters reference QTMOVU plus the name associated CASAL TORRES, then choose the Lausanne / Paris journey.

Best regards

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Sergio Daniel
Sergio Daniel

Bonjour, Michael et merci pour votre réponse.
When we got off the train they gave us written instructions. It says that passengers with e-tickets or smartphones should request for compensation online at
It is indicated on the instructions that for request via post mail you should send the original ticket, not a copy (which we don't have because we opted for e-ticket).
Do you think that a paper printed e-ticket will be accepted?

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