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Question about birthday date on the ticket

Hi. I want to ask a question about birthday date on the ticket. I was born in November 4th, 1991, and that is the information I put when I purchased the ticket. However the ticket says 'Born on 11/04/1991'. I'm a little confused whether this means April 11th. So I've got 2 questions. 1) Does the birthday mark mean Nov. 4th? 2) If it is not, will it be a big problem when I board on the train? I booked a ticket leaving from Paris to Basel, Switzeerland. Please reply. Thanks.


In France / Europe when the birthday date is asked, the first is the the day and the second is the month. So if you are born the 4th of november, you write 4, then 11 for the month.
If it is written 11/04/1991 that means you wrote you were born the 11th of april 1991.
As the tickets are nominatives, that may be a problem, unless you can explain your mistake. Otherwise you may have a fine for wrong informations.

If your ticket is refundable, I advise you to buy a new one.
If it is not possible to refund it, you may ask the customer relation service a refund arguing you made a mistake but you bought a new ticket. I give you their adress :

You can translate the website in english for more help, at the top right of the site. Then go to Customer relations / our commitments / After sales service / Claims / via internet / TGV Intercites : click here / at the bottom of the page you fill your name and reference dossier voyage.

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