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couldn't cancel the ticket

Dear Customer Service,

I bought a ticket at SNCF web-site via internet. The ticket was for my travel from Lyon Part Dieux to Pertuis for 30th of September. When I arrived to Lyon airport the day of my travel i realised there is better connection from the Lyon airport to Pertuis. I bought a new ticket and wanted to cancel the previous one but web-site of SNCF didn’t work (I made a screen shots),then I tried to cancel it via one of the machine at the station of Lyon airport but it says i started cancelation online and need to finish it online. However it was error all the time on the web-site. I needed to leave the Lyion airport according to my ticket at 10:35 and SNCF boutique at a the Lyon airport starts to work at 10:30 so I had no chance to cancel it via boutique. When I arrived at Marseille I went directly to SNCF boutique and they put a note in the booking reference so that you can see i did try to cancel and just couldn’t do it. I would like to receive my money back for the ticket i couldn’t cancel, the ticket from Lyon Part Dieux to Pertuis.
All the tickets and screen shotes attached for you references
If you have more questions,please, let me know.

Tatiana B.

Hello Tatiana,

You need to make a claim on the Sncf website.

You can translate the website in english for more help, at the top right of the site. Then go to Customer relations / our commitments / After sales service / Claims / via internet / TGV Intercites : click here / at the bottom of the page you fill your name and reference dossier voyage.

Best regards

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