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Hello, I bought a ticket through your webstie (Reference: RMYURJ) but the only option was to receive it via mail. Obvio


I bought a ticket through your webstie (Reference: RMYURJ) but the only option was to receive it via mail. Obviously the ticket did not arrive on time. For the first part of my journey (THALYS) I could get on board with the reservation code. For the second part I had to buy a new ticket and was told to get online reimbursement at But this link is not working.

In the English version of your website there is no emai address, no email form, no Q&A section. The Q&A section is only on your French website and your Facebook page. This is extremely inconvenient.

By searching the Q&A section, I found a similar question to mine, and the foollowing answer, which was useless, because the email link provided in it is not working:

2 août, à 22:54 dans Réclamations et remboursements · Partager

Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Hello Sara,
You will have to make a claim with all the informations you have, references of all the tickets those you did not received and the new one you bought.
The adress is :

Why do you have to make things so difficult? Why send tickets by mail to other countries - the chance of receiving them is so small? Why can't you make electronic tickets like all the world does? Why can't you make a convenient contact form on your website? And most importantly, how can I get my reimbursement?


Hello Sergey,

SNCF does make electronic tickets. I can not explain why in your case it did not work. May be because you have booked on two differents railways companies (Thalys and SNCF) at the same time.

Nevertheless, you can ask for a refund of the tickets bought twice for the french part by claiming at the adress you found on the QA section.
You can translate the website in english for more help, at the top right of the site. Then go to Customer relations / our commitments / After sales service / Claims / via internet / TGV Intercites : click here / at the bottom of the page you fill your name and reference dossier voyage.

It does work. You need to fill your name used for the booking MARKOV and the refernce of 6 letters : RMYURJ.

Best regards

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