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Racist and rude staff 11847


I am a tourist from Hong Kong and I am now having a vacation in Paris. Unfortunately something happened today which really ruined my day. I feel mistreated and humiliated during a journey that I took today from Gare de l'Est to Meaux.

I bought a monthly ticket for €78 at a metro station. I was given a travel card and also a paper card. I asked the station staff what the paper card is about, but she couldn't tell me as she doesn't speak English. I though it's optional for you to stick a photo so I reckoned I don't need it.

During my journey today I was given a penalty fine as I couldn't present the other paper part. I told the staff I was sorry that I didn't know I need it as I can't read french. However the staff was extremely rude (staff no. 11847). He said it was my problem. "You are in France. You are supposed to read them even they are written in French" Well it was actually my problem but you cannot expect all the traveller to speak French. It's not the case that I didn't ask. I did but the station staff was unable to answer me. So I asked him what should I do because I did pay for the travel card. It's not that I steal it or pick it up randomly from the floor. However, the male staff told me "now you can either pay €50 or we call the police". To me, asking me to pay extra for something I have paid for already is extremely unreasonable. And as a tourist being treated like this makes me feel that France is not a welcoming city and even a bit racist to Asian people.

Can someone from the customer relation please respond to me in this matter?


Hello Pakho,

Here is the link :

You can find it on / relation client / nos engagements et SAV / service après voyage / reclamation /TGV et Intercités : Cliquez ici : /
Then at the bottom of the page you fill the ticket reference of 6 letters and the name associated.

Best regards

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Hello Pakho,

You need to make a claim directly to the customer relationship service at this adress :

(you need to go at the bottom of the page)

In case you have difficulties, you can also to write to the customer relation service at this address :

Service Relation Client SNCF
62973 Arras Cedex 9

Best regards

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