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I arrived late for a TGV out of my control


I am Ali Awada from Lebanon. I booked a ticket from Charles De Gaulle to Grenoble (Reference: UUMXHJ).

I was traveling from Beirut airport to Paris airport with a transit in Belgrad airport for 50 min and arrival at 09:15. The airplane from Beirut to Belegrad was working with a delay of 30 mins. So, when we arrived to Belegrad the gate for the airplane from Belegrad to Paris had bee closed and the Serbian airlines gave us free seats for the airplane traveling at 17:05.

I arrived to Paris at 19:40 to Paris instead of arriving at 09:15. So, I missed the TGV at 11:58 out of my control.

I was wondering if I can get my money back or have a suitable solution. I hope you consider my case and help me find a solution.


Hello Ali,

This space is a place where you can ask questions or find answers given for the same situation encoutered.

You need to send a claim to the following adress :

Available on / relation client / nos engagements et SAV / services après voyage / reclamation / TGV et Intercités : Cliquez ici / at the bottom of the page you need to give the 6 letters reference (UUMXHJ) plus the name you gave when you booked.

Best regards

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