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tickey refund

I've Got the wrong time to buy a ticket.
So the TGV Caught in the purchased ticket only time I hung up the table again in TGV. I buy a new one ticket. (165.00euro,cash)
But I arrived at the Lyon station, and then I'm finding.
I bought the table was right .
So I want to refund to 165.00Euro.
Immediately I asked to Ticket counter staff .
A ticket teller did request here.
He said he was eligible for a refund, and refund request here.
I've been asked many times he can be sure.
He is really sure.
Please please, please refund to me 165.00 euro.
I have receipt.
Please send your answer by email.
I wait for your answer.
Thank you.


Here is the link :

You can find it on / relation client / nos engagements et SAV / service après voyage / reclamation /TGV et Intercités : Cliquez ici : /
Then at the bottom of the page you fill the ticket reference of 6 letters and the name associated.

Best regards

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