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Complaint about misleading offer of an online ticket

Dear Madame and Sir,

we have been customers of the SNCF for many years now but I have to tell that I am really disappointed about the service.
We have booked a ticket from Quiberon to Rotterdam which I already think is extremly overpriced (160,00€). However, directly after we pay the absurd amount for the ticket, we were shocked to find out that the ticket was not in fact an e-ticket or printable which completely defeated the point of process the payment online. The fact you only inform people of this afterward Is extremely underhanded and if I had known of this before I would definitely have bought the ticket at the Dutch company.
We got told that we could (maybe) get our the ticket at the Station in Auray but we would need the credit card which was used to pay. The issue is that because I do not own a credit card my parents payed the ticket with their credit card. Since, I am leaving to Rotterdam without my parents I can not take their credit card with me which is needed to get the ticket at the station.
The only other option to derive a ticket was by post which would take too long.
Furthermore, we went to an office of the SNCF in Le Palais, Belle-ile, to solve this problem. The employee at the counter was not able or willing or to print the ticket for us even though he could search for the booking and found it as well. So we had to buy another ticket which was even more expensive (205,40€) and we had to cancel the other ticket as well which also got charged with five euros, in total it was 50 euros on top.
Since, we live in the 21st century and the internet is becoming more and more important the SNCF should offer and option to download or get a ticket by email as many other railway companies worldwide are capable of. I think it is ridiculous that there is an option to buy an online ticket and in the end I have to go to the counter at the station to get the ticket.

I hope to hear from you soon to explain these shortcomings in your service and how you intend to remedy these issues in the future.

Kind regards,
Katharina Speyer

(Transaction n°769042, Identifiant commerçant: SNCF 0124074011)

Hello Kathy,

I understand your disappointment but all the information concerning your tickets are available on the site while you are booking your tickets.

I don't have the details of your journey but you havre certainly taken different kind of trains with a part abroad which does not allow e-tickets.

Depending on which site you have booked your tickets i.e the french or the dutch, you need to make a claim directly with them.

Here is the adress : or

You need to go to "aide" or "hulp" at the top right and contact.

Best regards

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SNCF does not sell ticket online, the travel agency does. You can contact them directly on their website. The type of ticket (e-ticket or IATA ticket) can be seen before the payment on the website.
Ticketless is only available ont website.

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