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due to mistake on platform signings i missed my train and forced to buy new ticket. how can get the refund?

23/8/2016 in Lyon Part Dieu. I was waiting on the platform for 19h10 train to Montpellier st Roch. Signings on platform show 2 different trains need to enter the platform: 19h06 to Marseille st Charles - 6 minuts late, and 19h10 to Montpellier st roch 10 minuts late.
At 19h12 enter to the platform a train, writen on its cars "Marseille st Charles". It was waiting few minuts next to the platform and left at 19h21.
I was surprised to see than in the platform signings that both trains were removed and shown as "left the platform".
I run to check in the tickets selling point, in which the cashier didn't understand the situation, had the nerve to tell me I mistake, and force me to buy new ticket for the next train, almost double price.
How and where can I get the refund?

Hello Nir,

You need to send a claim to the following adress :

At the bottom of the page, you fill your ticket reference of 6 letters plus the name used for the booking, plus all the details of what happened.

Best regards

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