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I want to get a refund

I bought a ticket to go Aix Provence from Ryon station at July 28th in korea. And I went to Ryon station 30 mins earier. But I lost my credit card at that time, but I heard that I could get a ticket if I know my card number. So, I went to the staff at the station. but she just said 'you can't get your ticket if you don't have your card.' I was so embarrased. So, I went to other staff and she tried to help me get a ticket. but already train was gone. So, I have no choice to buy new ticket even thought it is not my fault. Anyway, I bought new ticket and the staff gave me manual to get a refund.
You know, Actually losting credit card is often to tourist. It is impossible that I can't get a ticket because of losting credit card. Already I bought new ticket, So I want to get refund my origial ticket.

My name is kim seoin and my card number is 4673 0902 5827 1096.
thank you:)


Hello Seion,

I understand your disappointment but to avoid fraud, our system ask for the origianl credit card to withdraw a ticket bought on the web or by phone.

The best to avoid this situation is to ask for a e-billet which is virtual then you don't have to withdraw it at the station with a credit card.

You need to send your claim for the refund at this adress, explaining what happen and giving all the needed details (credit card number as well) :

And last of all this is a public discussion forum and you should not give us your card number on it. I advise you to cancel the previous post for this reason.

Best regards,

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