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We would like a refund for the two Avignon-Paris tickets we were unnecessarily made to purchase on August 7, 2016. After arriving a couple of minutes late for the 10:01 train, we went to the ticket office to purchase tickets for the next train, 10:42. After going through the process of purchasing the tickets, we went out of the ticket purchasing office to look at the schedule. It was then we noticed that our original train had been delayed, and was pulling up on the platform. We went back to cancel the tickets we just purchased and then rushed to the platform only to miss the train by a couple of seconds...the doors closed on us as we were just a few steps from them. I went back to the ticket office to complain that the agent sold us new tickets but didn't bother to tell us that our original train had been delayed and that we could still catch it. I was informed that she is just a ticket seller and that she doesn't check the schedule. I find this hard to believe. This is her look at the schedule and sell tickets. Why she didn't tell us that we hadn't missed our original train is a big failure on the part of your organization. We wasted precious time and money unnecessarily. The original booking number is MFBMGK and the two passengers are Joy Parkes and Ariella Tsafatinos. The new tickets cost 116 euro each for a total of 232 Euro. I have scanned the tickets for this trip and placed a refund request on your site. Please let me know if you can open the file and feel free to contact me if you can't I also have the American express receipts for the purchase, cancellation, and repurchase of the second tickets.

The original train was 0ver 15 minutes late, and we would have had more than enough time to reach the platform had the ticket agent been helpful, competent, and informative. But she was none of these things and instead told us that her only job is to sell tickets. Unbelievable really. Please also be advised that this whole transaction between the ticket seller and myself went on in French, and I do think there was no misunderstanding as I have a fairly good working knowledge of spoken French having been raised in Montreal. I even showed her our original tickets as I was hoping to get some kind of a credit. I realize that this is not a standard refund request but something should be done about this incredibly poor service. It's unforgivable and as I said, a big failure on your part.


Hello Ariella,

I undertsand very well how fustrating it is to miss once train that way.

But the personn at the sales office is not automatically checking if trains are delayed or not.
It is up to the passengers to arrive in time for their trains. You cannot objectively reproach her the fact you were late.

You say that you have placed a refund request on our site but I can not find anything under your name or under Parkes
Did you place your request on that adress ?

If not, that is were you need to do it. Join the scan of your tickets on pdf file. Plus all your banking informations and full adress.

Best regards,

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