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Claim due to strikes

I pre-booked two trains with SNCF which were both cancelled because of strikes.
On 12/06
One from Barcelona to Toulouse (QFTCZU) and one from Toulouse to Paris (RIYSND).
Due to the cancellations, I then also missed my connection on the 13/06 from Paris to Rotterdam- Thalys train 9315 (Booking ref GNNRPTQ).
I was only informed by email that a part of my journey (QFTCZU) was cancelled. I received absolutely no information on booking (RIYSND) and was lucky enough to check online before spending the evening stranded at Toulouse station.
There were no alternative routes suggested and so I had to fly home (BA flight 485 and 432), which cost me an additional £97.07.
How can I claim the costs of my flight home?

I have been trying to contact you by post and phone, but not had any luck so far!

Hello Scott,

You need to make a claim directly to the customer relationship service at this adress :

(you need to go at the bottom of the page)

Join the information concerning your journey and the references of your ticket as well as your full banking details or credit card number, and your full postal address.

Best regards

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