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Tickets reclamation


I have already made 2 requests on my ticket reclamation (credit card and bank account), but i only receive auto-answer with reference number from SNCF asking for patience due to a lot of demands.

So, on the 12 of August it will be 60 days from my ticket date, is it normal? Will i have the moneyback to this date? On your site it is written, that information about trip is available for 60 days only.


You say that you already made 2 claims for one ticket. You also received an answer with a reference number. If you have any queries you need to write through the adress you used for that claim.

Due to a huge amount of claims following the strikes, the delay of answering is quite long. As long as you have a reference number, that means that your request has been taken.

You have to be patient, you will receive an answer. And do not worry, you will not exceed the 60 days delay as you have already a reference for your claim.

Best regards

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