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Sacchetti Luciana
Sacchetti Luciana

Refund for a ticket that I never recieved

I had the worst experience ever with SNCF. I requested my train tickets to be sent to my address, but they did not arrived on time. I call for a week to the client assistance numbers and also contact them by email, but I did not get clear information and my problem was not solved.
Because of this I had to go to the train station and buy new ones. The new tickets, not just cost much more than what I pay at the beginning, but also I had to take a different schedule because there were not available seat in the previous train. this make the travel time longer, and create a big impact on my job because I was not able to join a real important meeting because of the schedule change.
I'm extremely upset about the whole experience and I would never travel back with this company. Now I'm trying to get a reimbursement, but is so confusing to do it through internet. I've been trying to do it for a while and I was not able to find the right form to fill in. On top of this, I was told that I would be reimburse just the original ticket and not the new one which I pay the double!!!!!!! This is no sense!!!
Who is going also to compensate the time that I lost call the assistance center, looking into internet who to solve this issue by myself and worst, the meeting I'm not able to attend now???? I never ever had a bad experience as this one before with any other company.

There is only one SNCF customer service - 62973 Arras cedex 9.

It is possible to claim on line If you sent your demand, il will be treated.

you could also send your claim by postmail with a bank document for reimbursement.


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Sacchetti Luciana
Sacchetti Luciana

Is this the official answer from SNCF? This does not make sense. What I should write to them? What is the refund process? I'm so fed up of this whole story and terrible service.

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