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My wife and I are traveling from Firenze(Florencia) to Paris tomorrow June 30th.

I bought the tickets from your page in internet and this is the path we will follow: Firenze-Milano with Tren-Italia, Milano-Bale and Bale-Paris. The problem that I have is that here in Firenze they can not give me the tickets because they say the train in italian and I bought the tickets with SNFC and they do not have an office of SNFC in Firenze, please help me, what can I do ?

My name is ANDRES GUERRERO and from Florence to Bale the réféerence de dossier is: RGQOOF.

From Bale to Paris the Référence de dossier is: RGQOPE.

Please send me the e-billets to the following e-mail address: and to

Thank you very much for your help in advence !!!!!

michael P.
michael P.


If you booked your tickets on, phone to :

+33 (0)970 60 99 60 (not overcharged)

voyages-sncf is an independant agency


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Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF

Hello andy,

Your tickets are e-tickets. That means you do not have to have physically the ticket with you.
When you booked the ticket, you had the possibility to print your confirmation at home on a normal piece of paper, with all the details of your journey. You will need this to travel out of France.

You can go back to the confirmation mail, you must have received and print the e-ticket. following the indications.
You can also call the hotline on the number Michael P. suggested.

Best regards

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