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abonement frequence Paris-Basel


je suis desole pour ecrite en Angails, c'est plus facile pour moi!

I have a problem with my abonnement fréquence which I bought in January 2016 and it seems that noone in SNCF so far is able to help me.

In January I went to a Boutique SNCF in Paris asking for the price of abonnement fréquence between Paris and Basel in Switzerland. They gave me the price, but I didn't buy it at that moment. I went to buy it 2 days later in Paris Gare de Lyon. There, the person at the counter could not find Basel in the system (maybe because she were looking for Bale) and, after talking to the manager, they gave me a abbonement frequence between Paris and Verrieres, saying that it will be valid on the direct train Paris-Basel (with TGV Lyria).

I was using this abonnement for 1 month before one train attendant told me that it is not valid for that route. They told me that I need to change it next time I go to Paris (and that hopefully I can ask for a refund), and until then, I have to enter in Switzerland either through Lausanne, or to pay an additional fee on the train to Basel.

Since then, I am trying to resolve the problem by visiting Gare de Lyon counters, Boutiques SNCF, calling the customer service and talking to train attendants, and below is a summary of all the answers I got from different people so far. Note that they are totally incosistent with one another and sometimes inconsistent answers come from the same person.

1. I can't do anything for you, point me to the person that sold you the wrong ticket (at Gare dy Lyon)
2. No, it's not Lausanne or Basel, it is Neuchatel that you have to go through to enter in Switzerland (train attendant).
3. You need to buy a new abbonement frequence between Paris and Valorbe (customer service) -> note: this is not true, I know that the train through Valorbe doesn't go to Basel, but to Lausanne
4. Go to the SNCF office in Basel and try to solve your problem there (train attendant) -> note: this is not possible, I asked at the train station and there is no SNCF office in Basel
5. The ticket through Verrieres is definitely valid for the train to Basel. No idea why the train attendants complain (customer service on the phone).
6. You have to buy abbonement frequence for entire France, don't worry it is not much more expensive than the one you paid -> note: the difference for 6 months is around 130eur (customer service on the phone)
7. I work for SNCF and I don't know the rules of TGV Lyria
8. Go to Gare de Lyon and talk to the manager (customer service on the phone)

Please note that during this time I am wasting a lot of money of paying either fees on the train, or buying the normal tickets instead of the reduced ones. Also, some of the people I talked to were really behaving bad with me, like shouting at me that my french is really bad and they can't understand what I say, or that they can't do anything for me.

It seems NOONE in SNCF knows what kind of abbonement I should take to use the direct train Paris-Basel, and even less about how to resolve my problem (without buying a new ticket) and whether I can get any refund for the error which is not mine. Talking to the manager at Gare de Lyon is the only thing which is left for me to do, but I am afraid that they might not let me talk to him, or that again I will leave without a useful answer.

Could you please let me know what steps should I take?

Thank you in advance and best regards,

Dear Ivana,

First of all, we apologize for all the problems you have encountered. It looks like there was a misunderstanding between you and the sale agent.

We will send you a private message to provide you further instructions.

Best regards.

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